Should you wish to cancel or withdraw any Products and Services you may do so at any time. However, under no circumstances will any full or part credit be made in respect of Advertised Rates. You can withdraw your advert at any time by clicking on the ‘withdraw listing’ icon on SoloHub. In certain circumstances you may be able to re-list the property within a designated period after withdrawal. Details will be made available at the time of seeking to withdraw/relist your Advert.

You may be entitled to a 14 day cooling off period from the moment you instruct Solo Homes, up until the time you approve your advert to go live. At this point it will be deemed that we have provided the marketing service and you will no longer be entitled to a refund of the Product Service Fee.

You remain liable to pay the prevalent fee should you cancel or withdraw your advert or any Products and Services. Further Advertised Rates may be payable to reinstate any removed or suspended Products and Services.